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The days of the shade tree mechanic are numbered unless he or she learns to use a scan tool. Diagnosing engines today is not what it was ten or twenty years ago. A computer can now diagnose a vehicle in a matter of minutes. Today's motors are so sophisticated that it takes a computer system to truly figure out what is actually wrong with it. The 6.0L is no exception to this rule. A scan tool device is needed to properly diagnose problems that occur in the motor because it can communicate with the over 400 sensors that control the motor. If you have a problem with your truck and do not have access to a good scan tool device, you can spend a fortune throwing parts at the motor and get nowhere. Watch this series to see how various scan tool tests are run to determine problems in a 6.0L.

Video 1 Introduction to Diagnostic/Scan Tools:

Video 2 Different Scan Tool Options:

Video 3 Retrieving Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's):

Video 4 AutoEnginuity's Scan Tool Diagnostic System:

Video 5 Key-On-Engine-Off (KOEO) Injector Buzz Test:

Video 6 -- Key-On-Engine-Off (KOEO) On-Demand Test:

Video 7 Key-On-Engine-Running (KOER) Test:

Video 8 Sensor Isolation:

Video 9 Scan Tool Conclusions:

Special Tools:

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