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Very Broken PSD's... The How & Why It Happened

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The Master Mechanic Repair Series is video based. Therefore, it is essential that you verify that your computer can properly display our video training materials before purchasing a subscription. We offer both a "high resolution" and a "low resolution" option for each video. The test video below is EXACTY like the videos in the subscription. Please verify RIGHT NOW that your computer can play the test video below. Thanks, ~ Bill

If you found your way to this web page you most likely have been looking far and wide for technical information to repair a Ford Powerstroke Diesel Truck. Thatís not an easy task since the most widely available technical repair information is Fordís OEM service manuals. Ford OEM manuals are somewhat useful to Ford service technicians since they have available to them the OEM diagnostic equipment and specialized tools that the Ford service manuals were written around. Unfortunately, Fordís service manuals are not of much use outside the dealership environment.

My name is Bill Hewitt and I have been working exclusively on Powerstroke Diesel (PSD) trucks for over 15-years. I live in an environment that is "failure rich" with broken Powerstroke trucks. Unlike the Ford Dealership that is typically servicing trucks still under warranty, my customers are almost always high mileage work trucks operated by businesses and fleets. These trucks work for living and the owners depend on them to fulfill their business obligations.

Introducing PowerstrokeHelp.comís Master Mechanic Video Repair SeriesÖ

Imagine yourself working in my shop as a new mechanic. Regardless of your previous experience you would require specialized training to service and repair Powerstroke Dieselís. Imagine further that we video taped your training step-by-step so you and others could reference the training sessions over and over.

Weíll, I did just that and itís called the Master Mechanic Video Repair Training Series! The videos are shot in my shop using the same procedures that we have perfected to repair PSDís. Many of the procedures are highly modified from the Ford service manuals because we learned what works and what doesnít.

At our shop we guarantee our work so we canít afford comebacks. Every time a repair fails we dig deeply into the root cause of the failed repair to make sure that we donít make the same mistake a second time. Not only are the components expensive to repair PSDís but the labor hours necessary to make many of the repairs is extreme when compared to gasoline or other diesel platforms. Making mistakes as small as the wrong o-ring could cost many man-hours of labor to replace a $1 part.

Our videos follow the step-by-step procedures that we use in our shop. We detail the unknown traps that will cost you big time as well as the numerous tips and tricks that we use to save time and money. The videos also delve heavily into the work-around procedures for Fordís special tools and how to use alternative solutions to make the repair.

We tell you when it is OK to use Aftermarket parts to save money and when you need to purchase OEM. We also show you how to diagnose your truck and show you how to use alternative diagnostic procedures and diagnostic equipment.

The bottom line is, if you want to work on a PSD with confidence, making sure that you get the repair done right the first time using everyday mechanic tools, then the Master Mechanic Video Repair Training Series is what you are looking for. Take the free tour by clicking on the link belowÖ Then sign-up and get your PSD repaired. ~Bill

What Others Say...

I have a 1999 F250 and the water pump went out and I didn't know what to do. I called a couple of local dealers & couldn't believe what they charge. I did a search and found you guys. The video made it seem pretty easy & I said I can do this! Everything went to plan "perfect" just what you said and I couldn't be happier... THANK YOU!

I just wanted to say "thank you" for all that you do to help us Power Stroke owners here on the web! Your videos are incredibly informative and have been very useful to me. I am a little more than your average "shade tree" mechanic and I am confident in tackling pretty much anything. But being a first time diesel owner who is somewhat of a perfectionist you have taken the edge off of any anxiety or questions that I may experience when working on my truck! Thanks again for your wonderful and much appreciated website!

I am an ASE mechanic so I consider myself able to handle most repairs. My best friends F350 with 102K miles blew the head gaskets. I was STUNNED to hear what the dealer wanted for the repair. I told him we'll fix it! But, once I read up on the repair procedure I told him we couldn't do it! He found your site and showed me the videos. With your EXPERT help we fixed his truck, which saved his X?/SS. Thanks! (Editor Note: Truck was a 2004 6.0L)

Thank you for this great service! The light came on in my truck so I took it to the dealer. They told me I needed to replace all 8 injectors and the FICM on my truck to the tune of $5,800. I don't have that kind of money!!! My son found your website & we watched the videos about diagnostics. We bought the Auto Enginuity (spelling?) software and used his laptop. In the end would you believe that all we found was a dirty harness connector while doing diagnostics? (We were making sure everything was plugged in firmly.) Thanks again for empowering us with your knowledge.

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