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Very Broken PSD's... The How & Why It Happened

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What Others Say...
Thanks Bill for saving my sanity and my wallet. I had taken my truck to the dealer and they convinced me that I needed to replace all my injectors for which they wanted $4,250! One hour of work after seeing your video and less than a $100 and my truck runs like new! You're the Man...

Everyone told me that my 03 6-liter was a POS. I loved the truck when it ran right but it kept breaking down. The dealer kept replacing the same parts (after warranty had run out) and it was costing me a fortune. You're info about the head studs seems to have solved the problem properly. No problems whatsoever after 15K miles. Thanks...

The trip from Nashville to your repair facility was well worth the trouble. The dealers here are clueless and unmerciful to your wallet. I spent over $3,300 and yet they never properly fixed the skip in the motor. You had me up and running perfectly within an hour and my total repair bill was $322. My poor son had to listen to me cuss and scream all the way home about the Ford "Stealers". Bill, you're a "breath of fresh air" for Powerstroke owners! THANKS!

Bill, where have been hiding? Until I ran across some of your videos on I had never heard of your company, yet our facility is only 10 miles away from your shop. Thanks for sending us your mechanic to our location to get our F450 up and running. Mike is an outstanding mechanic and he got the truck running very quickly. I couldn't be happier to find a company like yours to service our fleet of eleven Power Stroke service trucks.

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